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2017- a reflection

  I stated 2017 broke, deep into my overdraft. A frustrated recent graduate with big ambitions but without the wherewithal to make it happen.   A year on I can proudly say I achieved most of my goals. I’ve paid... Continue Reading →

#ManchesterBombing and why the media must be held to account

This week’s tragic events in Manchester highlight just what dangerous times we are living in. 22 people tragically killed during an evening intended for fun and entertainment. It was warming to see how the city of Manchester came together to... Continue Reading →

“Culture” does not explain why Black Caribbean’s are falling behind in school. We need other explanations.

  As is often the case, Black twitter descended into “diaspora wars” once again this week. An infamous tweeter posted a Voice news article from 2013 with the headline: “Why are British Africans better in school than Caribbean’s?”. Again, as... Continue Reading →

Making sense of being Black AND British

  This past week I was fortunate enough to be invited to be a part of BBC 1Xtra’s Black and British debate. ( if you want to relive it!) I was humbled to be among so many young, driven and... Continue Reading →

#BlackIsTheNewBlack. Why representation really matters.

I, along with most Black British people, was absolutely glued to my television set on Wednesday night. The BBC surprised us and gave us not one but TWO programmes focusing on the Black British experience. Bonkers, I know. As a... Continue Reading →

I’ve navigated the minefield, now I’ve hit the glass ceiling

It’s no secret that graduate life is difficult. Added to that fact that BME graduates are more than twice as likely to be unemployed as their white peers then you will understand why I’m about to rant about my frustrations.... Continue Reading →

The Labour coup is more than a Blairite revolt, but Corbyn is probably still the man for the job

The sacking of then shadow foreign secretary Hilary Benn, after he revealed to Jeremy Corbyn that he no longer trusted his leadership sparked a whole host of resignations from the shadow cabinet. It prompted a vote of no confidence against... Continue Reading →

Questioning the “Africa rising narrative”

Ghana and the whole African continent must harness the potential of their home grown youth. (First published for Joy Online in Ghana. Among growing dissatisfaction at the job market in the US, Europe or further afield, many young Ghanaian’s who... Continue Reading →

Brother Malcolm: A lesson in perseverance

We recently passed the birth anniversary of renowned African-America civil rights activist Malcolm X. He is most well-known for his radical outspokenness against racial injustice in the United States and across the world. Malcolm was assassinated on February 21st 1965,... Continue Reading →

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