Happy New Year!


Thanks for reading my first post of 2018. I’ve decided I’m going to go HAM with the blog this year. So expect to regularly hear me ramble on about something that’s annoyed me in the news on any particular day 🙂  . Anyway, enjoy!



An exclusively white office is bad for business. This shouldn’t be news, but apparently it still is.

Just ask our friends over at the H&M advertising & marketing teams. Because clearly, their office demographic must resemble the cast of Friends.

How else does a picture like this go through all the necessary checks and end up plastered all over social media

(young black boy wears jumper with “coolest monkey in the jungle” written on it)

What’s worse was that there were other children wearing far less racially aggravating garments.

boy 2
 (white boy knows that this is a madting, as he adorns his own jumper with “mangrove jungle, survival expert” written on it)

Of all the variation of jungle themed hoodies they had, it was the black child who had to model the one that mentioned a monkey.

Not to mention the fact that there is a long and damaging history of comparing black people to animals, specifically monkeys; I’m far more bemused that of all the eyes that lay on this image before it went public, not ONE person thought that this might be slightly inappropriate.

This just goes to show that diversity should never be viewed as a kind gesture that gives greater access to the underrepresented. It is certainly not an act of charity nor does it demonstrate altruism. Rather diversity is a prerequisite of any successful enterprise.

At the very least diversity ensures that you don’t put out racially insensitive pictures of children. But implemented correctly a diverse workforce means diversity of ideas, of perspective and of approach. From this, the most ground-breaking and innovative ideas can be born.

The current Chinese prime minister, Le Keqiang was once asked when will his country catch up with the USA in terms of economic strength. His answer was “never”. As long as china remains largely mono racial, it can never have as much economic dominance as the USA.  He went on to say that the creative and cultural dominance the USA enjoys around the world is as a direct result of the racial diversity within its borders.

I’m not really with the calls to boycott H&M. I don’t think the organisational framework exists for there to be a sustained and affective boycott against the brand. If anything, having their name in the news so much will only do them good (black outrage is profitable now-kmt). Not to mention the fact that their January sales are always on point soooo I’m trying to live my best Caucasian life.

The only thing worth pressing for on the back of this saga is for companies to understand that a profitable business NEEDS diversity. Racially homogenous offices will fail in this 2018. Get with the times.