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March 2015

Dispelling the myth of young people’s political apathy.

So last week I attended a meeting in the House of Commons hosted by an organisation called Young Black Grads. It was called "Generation Y vote". Now among the attendees of the event were many young people who were clearly... Continue Reading →

The trouble with being “conscious”

Among the black community there are those of us that are labelled as "conscious". Generally what that means is that we are socially and politically aware and we can identify the impact white supremacy/capitalist superstructures have played in our past... Continue Reading →

Africa after independence; How far have we come?

6th March 1957, Dr Kwame Nkrumah declares the British colony of Gold Coast the first independent African nation south of the Sahara, and names it Ghana. It was the start of what Nkurmah called the "decade of independence" for Africa.... Continue Reading →

Shadeism; A “lighties” perspective

Shadeism is a huge issue in our community. The false dichotomy of light skin over dark skin is perhaps one of the most damaging legacies of chattel enslavement. Growing up, I was unfortunately dubbed a "lightie". An arbitrary term of... Continue Reading →

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