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Mandem, check on your friends!

  Today is #WorldMentalHealthDay. If you have been reading my blog in recent weeks, you’ll know this is a topic very close to my heart. Having struggled to deal with my mental health of late and after probably experiencing the... Continue Reading →

Arrogantly Insecure

In my line of work, you’ve got to have what James O'brien calls the “look at me” gene. It’s basically the desire to be heard and appreciated just for being you. Not narcissistic at all.   I’ve definitely got this.... Continue Reading →

Dating with anxiety is a massive bollock-ache. Here’s why.

As per my normal disclaimer, this is really not a self-help article. I am sooo not in a position to be giving real life advice. I’m just hopeful that my barely coherent ramblings might resonate with some. Enjoy. As a... Continue Reading →

Horizon: Stopping Male Suicide review- Why men need to confront their feelings and update on my own MH.

Yooooo. It's been a minute. In between work, trying to maintain a social life and procrastinating I've barely had the thought space to make an entry here.  Anyway have a  read of my article for Horizon: Stopping Male Suicide. If you missed... Continue Reading →

4 Reasons Why You (I) Are Having a Quarter-Life Crisis

  So 3 weeks ago I turned 25. And I’m being faced with many of the same dilemma’s and troubles other’s my age are facing. I’m defo an adult (two day hangovers can attest to that), I’m not too sure... Continue Reading →

“Sleep is for broke people” in the age of “I cannot come and kill myself”

  THIS IS NOT A SELF HELP ARTICLE! Nah levels it's not, I'm no lifestyle guru. I'm just ranting. Carry on reading though, it might be a half decent read.   I, along with most other millennials, are on a... Continue Reading →

#LevileandChill- The importance of networking sideways

  Wednesday 7th of Feb, Levile TV gave us a masterclass workshop on how to break into TV presenting. We were gifted by advice from some of our scenes’ most recognisable on screen talent, Remel London, Poet and Jemel One... Continue Reading →


  Feb 1st is #TiimeToTalk about mental health day. Anyone who knows me knows that I’m not the most expressive of characters, and I don’t really give off too much. My favourite description of me is that I “wear black... Continue Reading →

Diversity is more than a gesture, it’s essential for business.

Happy New Year!   Thanks for reading my first post of 2018. I’ve decided I’m going to go HAM with the blog this year. So expect to regularly hear me ramble on about something that’s annoyed me in the news... Continue Reading →

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